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Critical Bugs

Optimize Your Software Development Process
Reduce the Cost of Fixing Customer Bugs

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It was a great experience working with 99tests for ennovent’s global network’s beta testing. It was a great way to crowdsource support from the tester community in a very cost-effective way.
- L Karnik , Ennovent


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Uncover Critical Issues, Before Customers.

Testing on Real Handsets by Expert Testers
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Test on Popular Versions of iOS & Android Devices
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Run Tests for your Critical User Flows

Ensure your essential customer or user flows are Not Broken across Handsets, Browsers, and Operating Systems.

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Keep your development team in top shape

Know exactly which feature or use case is broken and prioritize development and fixing of bugs across your whole team.

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A Bug found today is worth more than one found tomorrow

Before: Days and Months.
Now: Minutes and Hours to know your bugs

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Boost Your Development Team, with Crowd Testing

Project Creation

A small description for the test cycle is shared to get the testing started.


Bugs get validated by our validators, and you get full access to valid bugs.

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Professional testers log bugs checking all components mentioned in test cycle.

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Brian 7f83fbc863189176d32e25a87992a8d8e2cad799de1b9f1fd2f2685c8168d69c
@Brian, Netconference
We found their work to be thorough, efficient, effective and valuable.
Mekin 01d4a385b0a0193f6f6d3499169433f55938aa1a886bb607b89a3b6158bfaf35
@Mekin, Flipkart
99tests has been an invaluable QA partner for us over the last several months – right from Day 1.
Evan 54c5b89668034e2c1f74a566185ab7f9782cbaa8c3acc108b51892f1056d4c93
@Evan, PJA Advertising
Provided our agency with high-quality, and affordable crowd-sourced testing.


Bugs per Test Cycle


Bugs Logged



Testing by Expert Testers, Pay Per Performance

Get insights you need, with reports you want
Testing and Development aren’t the best buddies. That’s why it’s important you can pull up any report you need, any time you want. And derive some actionable insights out of it too.
Plan, prove and deliver high quality software
Give your customers the quality software they expect from you. Every time. And still relax with the kids this Christmas - we got your holidays covered too!
Bend 99tests to your workflows
Prioritize your product features to be tested, Assign regression bugs to test cycles and mark test cases to be automated. Customize 99tests so that your development team and customers are delighted.

Making Bug Fixing - Fun

Energize your developers, by making bug fixing fun by turning every bug into a change to score points. Keep the development cycles running in a smooth hum.

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Bugfix 53cbf0969821d309334489cf189bdc2df0a5dbd394b791b7923c593db99d6b8b

Fix What Matters

Find & fix bugs that really matter to your customers, avoid them abandoning your application due to critical bugs that can only be found in real world conditions. Increase engagement and build loyal users of your app.

Test as per plan or anytime

Run a test cycle as per plan or to verify important features, bug fixes or a major release on a particular platform. Handle any unexpected changes to product, features or releases by testing on-demand.

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Awarded By

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