App Analytics
Intelligent Insights To Delight Users
Track Key App Quality Metrics
Tracking user engagement and user behavior is crucial to get an idea about your app’s strengths and weaknesses. App analytics from 99tests gives you the data and insights you need to know about the way users interact with your app. more
How You Can Use The App Analytics
Insights On User Engagement
Get real-time data on how your users interact with your app. Access user based, location based, and device based reports to discover trends and opportunities. more
Real-Time Analytics
Real-time access to user behavior and patterns enables you to track conversions and monitor the performance of your call to actions. Find out areas that are efficient and the ones that need your attention.
Measure Impact
Measure the impact of new strategies adopted to increase engagement and conversions. Learn more about your progress by tracking metrics like bounce rate, retention rate and other key user data.
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