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Grade Your App Quality
App grader will capture a realistic product quality score, one that will encompass every dynamic response of your web application, its functional correctness, its user-friendliness and other critical security features. With a few quality metrics, you can get started with your product improvement strategy. Going ahead, app grader will give you deep insights into your testing strategy and show your progress over a period of time at 99tests.
What You Can Do With App Grader
Get a complete overview of application quality in terms of key parameters like functionality, usability, performance and security.
App Quality Overview
Know where your software stands today. Find out how good your app is, in terms of user-friendliness, speed, efficiency and security.
Strategize Better
Get detailed insights on areas that need your attention. Discover avenues to make your software better.
Track Progress
Monitor the improvement of your app quality over multiple test cycles at 99tests.
Functionality Score
Functionality indicates how well your app works for your end users. Higher scores on functionality indicates a website that works well, everywhere, all the time.

Usability Score
Usability score is an indicator of the quality of the user experience you deliver. Good usability implies that your website is available, clear, credible, and relevant to the audience who uses it.

Performance Score
Website performance indicates the speed with which web pages are downloaded and displayed. Websites that score high on performance have faster download speed and are more efficient at handling multiple queries by many users.

Security Score
Website security is crucial for protecting your information assets from malicious users and hackers. Security is vital for all web applications especially if there is a considerable exchange of confidential data on your website.
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