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While crowd testing has its own beauty and strength, it also encompasses challenges of the unknown, especially if you are opting for exploratory testing. However, at 99tests, with our sophisticated Bug Management Tool (BMT), we bring a perfect order into bug reporting and make it a high quality exercise. 99tests BMT offers a well sorted, neatly prioritized and easy to collaborate bug management platform that you can customize according to your specific needs. The 99tests bug management tool makes it simple, fast and powerful to manage the intricacies of your product.
Easy integration
Continue to work with your existing productivity tools with a few steps integration. The 99tests bug management tool makes it easy to monitor, track and manage all critical issues found in your app, completely in alignment with your development team.

Track With An App Grader Score
The bug management tool is integrated with an app grader that gives you a single view of measurement of your app’s overall quality.
Incorporating different types of tests, for example, functional testing, usability testing etc., enables the app grader to reflect a score with increased accuracy.more

Discover & fix critical issues in time
Streamline your QA process with responsibility assignments, dispute resolution, and intelligent prioritization of critical bugs. With real-time status of bugs, it is easy to assign bugs to team members for fixing and also for verifying the fixed bugs.
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