Why developers love crowd CI?

Continuous Integration tools enable developers to run unit tests and deploy their applications when all tests have passed. Next developers need to verify the deployed software for functionality issues by having manual testers finding bugs for them.

Crowd CI automates the above process, where developers can get functionality bugs automatically in 1 hour of the deployment. This is possible, as the crowd of 23304 testers from 99tests, will start testing the feature in 1 hour of deployment and share the bugs back to the developers slack or bug repository.

The developers can then fix the bugs and add a #99tests in the github comment message to verify these fixed bugs. These bugs will be verified and marked fixed and the notifications reach the developers through slack or bug trackers.

Other Benefits

bugs image

Get Bugs in 1 hr of the deployment

github image

On code push / deployment, the automated tests will happen

CI process image

Integrate with our current CI process, or initiate the new CI process

slack image

Bugs are sent automatically to slack or Jira

Global Clients

Crowd-CI for your technology team

chief-tech-officer-crowd-ci image
Chief Technology Officer
  • Improve the quality of the product
  • Move ahead of the competition faster
  • Release / push to production faster and safer
  • Save money by finding the bugs at early stage of the development
pro-owner-crowd-ci image
Product Manager
  • Get 10X testing throughput
  • Improve velocity of releases
  • Improve customer reviews
  • Understand more UI related bugs
  • Multi device and browser testing
  • Minimize critical feature downtime
developer-crowd-ci image
  • More detailed bug description
  • Push to production confidently
  • Find more cross functional issues
  • Save time and work more efffectively

Automated Crowd Feedback In Your Development & CI Process

Set up in less than 1 minute