Partnership Benefits is functioning for the last 7 years. Its a Bangalore based startup. We have 30,000+ professional testers registered from different geographical locations. We have testers from 140+ countries with the different skill set and domain knowledge. 99tests can help you build your own Public, Hybrid or Private Crowd Model for Your Customers.

Enable Crowd Testing in Your Organization

  • Helps you to provide 360 testing solution to your clients.
  • Make Better ROI compared to the in-house testers with 99tests
  • Show the value to your clients by showing results 24*7(including holidays)
  • Run multiple cycles in parallel,work with multi clients.
  • Get the latest devices in the market to test
  • We help you with pre-sale support & marketing materials
  • 24*7 support (Any time zone)

Partnership Services

  • Exploratory testing (Functional + UI)
  • Test case execution & Management
  • Bug bounty
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Automation testing
  • Security testing

Types of Partnership

    Public Crowd Model

    • 99tests executing testing requirements for your clients
    • Client relationships maintained by you
    • 99tests delivers results based on SLA
    • Flexible model based on client needs

    Hybrid Crowd Model

    • White label Crowd Platform of your brand,to your customers
    • Crowd of both 99tests & your testers
    • You control Customer relationships,testing Delivery & results

    Private Crowd Model

    • Deploy an instance of 99tests software in your environment
    • Customize the software per client
    • 99tests maintains the software application
    • Crowd of testers operation and test

Why 99tests ?

Attractive Margin

The attractive margin on every crowd cycle runs on the 99tests platform. Helping you to win the longterm gain via customer satisfaction and recurring revenue.

Focus on your customer success

Winning customers loyalty should be the motto for any team. We believe that we have some best practices to work with the customers regardless of the cultural and process diversity.

24*7 Partner Support

We work as one team. 99tests partnership wing works closely with your team to support all the presales, marketing, demo, test runs, reporting operations. Will provide full tech support for your white label testing solution.

Pre Sales and Marketing help

We are in this crowd industry for the last seven years. We can help you to excel in the QA industry with all our expertise

Happy to help!

Abhilash PK

Director, of Strategic Partnerships

Mob: +919916476600

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