Product Dashboard
Single Pane of View For Your Current Quality Metrics
Intuitive Visualization Of Quality Metrics
The product dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of all quality metrics of your software product. The 99tests dashboard enables you to work with your developers, internal QA teams, product manager and user, to help prioritize your focus area.
Powerful Dashboard For A Powerful QA
Product Overview
Monitor and manage your product's performance with all the KPIs you need in one place.
Aids Decision-making
The dashboard acts as a single pane of view for everything you need to know about your application.
Collaborate Easily
Notify your team members and share the same view of comprehensive product quality metrics.
App Quality Overview
Get an overview of your product quality score across key parameters like functionality, usability, performance and security. Move forward with intelligent scoring algorithms, that takes various parameters and defects of your app into account.

Regression Testing
Your dashboard empowers you to visualize comprehensive reports of all your regression tests, enabling you to keep check on functions and features that have already worked on previous build.
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