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Basic Plan
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Basic Plan Features
Total Testing Hours 50 Hours
• Functional Exploratory Testing 30 Hours
• Test Case Hours 20 Hours
Application Web or Mobile
Device Coverage 5 Devices
• Personal Computer 1 (Mac or Windows or Linux)
• Mobile 3 (iOS or Android or Windows)
• Tablet 1 (iOS or Android or Windows)
Browser Coverage 3 Browsers
Languages 1 (English)
Tester Demography Global
All plans includes
Five-minute setup
Testing starts in 24 hours
Videos and screenshots of bugs
Bug validated by 99tests
Bug Integration tool
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+ Others
Real time notification to testers
Support team account upto 10 Users
Standard support
Enterprise Only
Enterprise Security
Secure Access to application
Testers approval System
Test Summary Report
Dedicated Account Manager
Get expert help and advice with premium support and a customer solutions architect.
Standard Support
Business Hour Support
1+ Day Response Time
Premium Support
24 x 7 Support
1-hour Response SLA
Customer Solutions Architect
Includes Premium Support
Dedicated Technical Consulting
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